Any Relationship With Food, Body Image and Exercise CAN Change! Yes, Even Yours!

I help women heal their relationship with food, without dieting, obsession or restrictions, by teaching them to tune into their God given body cues and intuition.

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About Nyla

I’m a Certified Health and Life Coach trained in habit and mindset change, also holding a Food and Nutrition Diploma and a host of fitness instructor certifications, who coaches through an Intuitive Eating, Christian and Enneagram perspective.

I believe Intuitive Eating greatly aligns with the Bible and God's perfect design of the human body and the Enneagram is a great tool to help us become the healthiest versions of ourselves.

I help women heal their relationship with food, fitness and body image, without dieting, obsession or restriction but instead teach them to tune into their God given body cues and wonderfully unique personality. 

I work virtually 1:1 with women worldwide, teaching them the 10 Intuitive Eating principles and giving them practical ways to customize the principles and incorporate them into their unique life. I'm here to help women ditch dieting or self imposed food rules, improve their relationship with their body image and finally find healthy habits they actually ENJOY and are sustainable!

It is totally possible to not have your life and thoughts revolve around your food, workouts, body shape or weight.

That full and free life you desire is well within reach and sometimes it just takes getting some outside guidance and expertise to help you get there.


Virtual Intuitive Eating Coaching Client Review: 

"I highly recommend Nyla. If you have any food, health or life issues then give her a call! Your life will begin to change during that first free phone call. She's beyond amazing and works extremely hard to help you. She's helped me in every area of my life. I have become healthy in my relationship with food and caring for myself with the skills she's given me. It's changed every area of my life for the better. My husband and my family have benefited greatly from the better me!"
What Makes My Coaching Unique? 
  • I coach from a Christian perspective
  • I use the enneagram personality test. To customize my coaching sessions with you, to tailor my teaching approach according to your unique personality type
  • No two phone session are alike, as I create individual teachings for each unique client's struggles and goals
  • Sprit Led. I spend time praying as I prepare teaching sessions and workbooks for my clients, drawing on His supernatural and all knowing wisdom for how to best help them heal their relationship with food, exercise or body image. All session begin with prayer as well, inviting the Holy Spirit in to lead the conversation so it is transformational, freeing and powerful
  • I can empathize with my clients. I've walked in similar shoes as them, at one point. No two food stories are alike, but I know what it's like to be where they are as I myself have a past history with a hurting and unbalanced relationship with food and fitness. You can check out the My Story tab to learn more about my journey to Food Freedom or click the button below
  • I'm trained in habit and mindset change, equipped with the knowledge of how to successfully change harmful mindsets in healthy mindsets!
With the right support and resources,
change is 100% possible for you!

"Being coached by Nyla I felt like being coached by a lifelong friend. She is incredibly easy to talk to, and we connected quickly on so many levels. I have had trouble with emotional binge eating, mindless snacking, and not knowing how to follow my body’s cues. She helped teach me about Intuitive Eating, and we even linked my habits to my personality. She takes talking about behavior to another level by implementing what she knows about Enneagram personality types. I was able to shift my mindset with her tools and I came away feeling more empowered to take the actions that I know will set me free of my destructive habits and mindset. I highly recommend Nyla as a coach!"
 - Krystal

 "I feel the sky is the limit for me and I am able to have my life again after working with you. Honestly, you can't put a price on that. Thank you so much for being obedient to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to work through you. I am forever grateful that Jesus used you to answer my prayers."

– Cindy
I work with women who:
  • Desire to not think about food, workouts or their bodies so much
  • Want to enjoy food and exercise more
  • Long to let go of food fears
  • Are so over following food or fitness rules
  • Crave feeling confident in their bodies
  • Are fed up with negative self talk
  • Want to prioritize health but not obsess over it
  • Just want to feel "normal" around food again and ditch food guilt for good!
  • The kiddos in your life having a positive body image role model and you feeling good in your own skin!
  • Having freed up brain power and time to pursue what is important to you in life, instead of being consumed and distracted with negative food and body thoughts
  • Living a more fulfilling life, no longer missing out 
  • Experiencing life free of miserable food rules and now eating any food with peace and ease
  • Your relationships, like your marriage, improving because food got easier for you
  • Enjoying living in your head, no longer a toxic environment full of body bashing and food guilt and shame thoughts. You CAN put a muzzle on that inner mean girl! 
Free Consult Call Testimonies: 

"My one hour free consult call with Nyla was so incredibly helpful--she is very knowledgeable, a great listener, and provided some really helpful tips on having a healthy relationship with food. It was incredibly evident that this is more than just a business to her, it's a ministry and her biggest concern is to serve those she works with well.  The call helped me to understand intuitive eating better and begin a journey toward a healthier relationship with food.  I would highly recommend doing a free consult call--you won't regret it!" - Rae


"My call with Nyla was so life-giving. She made sure I felt comfortable and supported and was well-prepared with questions and thought starters for me. She helped me personal reflect on my relationship with food and body. I walked away with some things to start trying that felt right for me. I often find that when people give advice, it can throw me off center because their advice doesn’t align with my heart or values. Because Nyla and I share the same faith and also because she listened to me and asked for feedback on her suggestions, she was able to adapt and give me suggestions that I actually wanted to do! Praise God! I felt unstuck, encouraged, loved, and energized after our conversation. She is such a light and has the expertise to tangibly help others on their intuitive journeys." - Lena

What women I have worked with have to say:
"Throughout each session, she is well-organized and comes well-prepared with current research and detailed plans that are practical and useful....Nyla ensures that each client’s nutrition and health goals are customized for that specific client’s needs and lifestyle ... Following every session, she sends detailed notes that summarize the session and provide steps to follow until the next appointment.  Thank you, Nyla, for using your skills, life experiences, training and care to help me live a healthy life that is easy to sustain and enjoyable to work into my daily life!”
- Amy 

"Through Nyla’s coaching, I am well into my journey and rising up to the woman I knew I could be and it feels incredibly liberating! Nyla’s life experiences, coaching certification, empathy, strong faith and a passion for helping others makes her such a well-rounded coach."

- Heather
"I had never heard of intuitive eating before but now I can absolutely see the benefit of the principles and have been trying to apply some of them to my life. Nyla had a lot of very good advice and guidance that I can already see benefiting my life!”
- Ashley 

"If you are looking to make a positive shift in your health and redefine your relationship with food, don't hesitate to spend time with Nyla. Since my session with her,  I've of course had countless moments when I felt guilt creep in for a food choice I had made, but I can't emphasize enough, the impact she's had on me being able to recognize those feelings of guilt and  then be able to  let them go.  I felt empowered , understood, and encouraged walking away from our session. Don't hesitate to schedule a session with her, this will be one of your best investments of time!"

- Rachel


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