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Hi! I’m Nyla!

I’m a Certified Health and Life Coach, trained in habit and mindset change. I also hold a Food and Nutrition Management Diploma and tons of fitness instructor certifications. All my coaching is done through a Christian and Intuitive Eating perspective.

“I could literally cry because I’m so grateful to have this free mindset with food now. I really enjoy talking to you and having you as my coach, Nyla. I wouldn’t be where I am right now with food if the Lord hadn’t crossed my path with you. My relationship with food, body image and exercise is seriously so much better now! I always feel so much better after our coaching calls.”

- Coaching Client Review

“Thank you for all the tips on body image, workouts and food fears, they were awesome! I feel better now.”

- Coaching Client Review

I help my virtual clients lower their food stress levels, find joyful and sustainable fitness routines, and feel confident in any shape their body may be or become.









All adjectives that you CAN one day use to describe how you feel about your relationship with food and fitness!

Image what it would be like to wake up one day and fully trust your body cues that God put in you for making food and fitness decisions. No more food fears. No more body shame. No more over or under exercising. No more guilt post ice-cream or declarations of starting another miserable diet or food rule come Monday again.

Image what it would be like to look in the mirror and see your body through God’s compassionate and thankful lens rather than the world’s critical and harsh lens.

Wouldn’t that be awesome to approach wellness from a place of FREEDOM rather than fear?

When we put tons of food and fitness rules on ourselves, we are wired to rebel, since we are created by God Almighty to be FREE beings! Diet Culture has lied to you. You really can enjoy a healthy AND joyful life, without restriction or obsession. Trust me! I’ve approached health both ways. From a place of shame and ridged rules and then from a place of grace and balance. The latter is WAAAAYYY better! And I feel 100% more joyful and healthy now in my mind and body.

I’d love to help you become the happier you that you’ve been craving to experience life as too!

That version of you who ENJOYS LIFE is totally possible for you, friend!

When we heal our relationship with food, we become more PRESENT moms, more RELAXED wives, more FUN friends, more FOCUSED on the unique assignments God has given us to pursue in life.

I believe Intuitive Eating greatly aligns with the Bible and God’s perfect design of the human body to hold His wisdom!

It is totally possible to not have your life and thoughts revolve around your food, workouts or body shape.

That full and free life you desire is well within reach and sometime it just takes getting some outside guidance and expertise to help you get there.

God would love for you to ditch food overwhelm and frustration and learn how to approach food (and fitness) in a simple way, that adds to your life rather than steals all your brain power, time and joy.

Yes, there are times we can watch a bunch of YouTube videos and gain a “masters” in any topic we wish to grow in. Binge listen to podcast episodes on certain topics of interest. Read all the books we can get our hands on about better body image, joyful movement or Food Freedom. But if doing those things has left you with results that you are unhappy with, that’s a sign it’s time to pray about getting the support of a 1:1 coach.

“What is a Christian Life Coach, Nyla?!”

Well, when a basketball player wants to improve their skills on the court, they hire a basketball coach or personal trainer. When a child or adult desires to improve their singing voice or musical instrument skills, they hire a voice teacher or piano or guitar teacher. Certified Life Coaches (like meeee!) help people get stronger in various life areas they feel less than confident in currently.

As your Christian Life Coach, I can help you ditch dieting and improve body image from a Biblical lens, as well as help you feel better in other areas such as relationships, boundaries, people pleasing, self care, comparison, perfectionism and MORE!

What Clients Are Saying:

“Christian life coaching with Nyla has been such a great experience. Our sessions have been so helpful and encouraging. You can tell she really cares about her clients and puts so much effort, time and prayer into her coaching sessions. I have made more progress in healing in three sessions with Nyla than I had in three years with other counselors. It’s nice that she is available to clients in between sessions in case something comes up where you need a little extra help, guidance or encouragement. I look forward to each coaching session and am so thankful for all the wisdom and help she has given me. Her coaching sessions have been an answer to prayer.”


Another Client Review:

“After two sessions with you, I have been more helped than years of working with other practitioners with my food struggles. I’m so grateful to have found you, Nyla! I feel heard and supported. It really shows all the planning you put into sessions. During our phone coaching calls, I think, ‘wow, I really needed to hear that! Exactly how Nyla worded that.’ I’ve never heard things explained the way you do. You are an answer to prayer after trying many different nutrition expects over the years. I’m so blown away by your coaching and would recommend you to any one who was struggling with food! You are able to coach from a really cool place, since you have struggled before. It helps that you have personal experience with food and fitness struggles and can resonate with what I’m going through. So comforting.”

- Kenna

With God’s healing hand, any Food Story can change.

What is your dream relationship with food, workouts and body image?

Guess what? You CAN experience that!

The first step in becoming the YOU that YOU want to be is by making a choice TODAY that your future self will forever be grateful you did, so tomorrow is more joyful for her.

I worked with an Intuitive Eating Coach myself and I’m so proud and thankful of my younger self for reaching out for help. Life is more enjoyable now that food and my weight aren’t on my mind 24/7.


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