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Intuitive Eating Coaching Client Review:

“I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed having you coach me, Nyla. I really really really appreciate you.. like more than you even know.

I appreciate how you show your care for me through being so willing to coach me outside of our calls through DMS when I’m struggling, praying for me, encouraging me and just truly listening so well to me as I pour out what’s on my mind in our coaching calls over the phone.

I can tell when someone is genuinely listening and you definitely do a great job at that. So thank you.

Also, I really love that you just know exactly what I need to hear and be coached on.

All glory points to our good and gracious God! He is SO good!!! He truly moves through our calls. Like WOW, honestly thank you, Holy Spirit!!

I also wanted to let you know that I am always pondering on what we discuss after we talk. Talking with you and learning from you has been such a gift.

You have blessed my life In ways I will never fully be able to describe. I am so thankful I came across you Nyla through Instagram.

You’re truly truly truly a gift from Jesus, and it’s evident that you are passionate in the work you do and that you are seeking Jesus for guidance. He is leading you in what you do. Please continue drawing near to Him because it’s so clear that you are in when we talk.

I am just so blessed to know you!!! I am blessed to have your coaching. You’re just awesome!!! Like so amazing!! I appreciate you so much. Oh, also the recap notes you email me with the highlights of our coaching call afterwards continue to bless me just wanted to let you know that!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!” - Ashton

Hey, friend! My name is Nyla Wiebe and I’m a Certified Health and Life Coach, teaching from an Intuitive Eating and Christian perspective.

I mentor women all over the world virtually over the phone, helping them create a healthy relationship with food, fitness and their body.

Through various certifications and my own life experience healing from different types of eating disorders and issues with extremes in food and exercise habits, I have learned how to practically help women to change harmful habits and mindsets and finally live the full, balanced, free and JOYFUL life they’ve always longed for.

Food and fitness truly CAN be simple, not so stressful, and not consume your schedule and thoughts.

Let’s work together and find you healthy habits you actually enjoy! Habits that make your life BETTER and less stressful, instead of making you feel MISERABLE and adding more stress!

Areas I specialize include: helping women find freedom from the relentless diet/binge cycle, disordered eating tendencies, late stage eating disorder recovery, emotional eating, obsession with “perfect” eating (orthorexia), ridged exercise habits, no exercise habits, fear of rest days or weight gain, reaching their Set Point Range weight (aka their happy and easy to maintain weight) and negative body image issues.

  • To the woman desiring to honour God with her health without extremes but balanced routines, I believe you can learn to do that.

  • To the woman desiring to see her body as a good body, worthy of love and care rather than judgment and disgust, I believe you can learn to do that.

  • To the woman desiring to free up her thought life from thoughts of food guilt and body hatred, I believe you can learn to do that.

  • To the woman desiring to simply enjoy her life and make food not so complicated or consuming, I believe you can learn to do that.

With God’s powerful leading in my coaching practice, you CAN undo harmful mindsets and habits and finally feel CALM around food, CONFIDENT in your body and have FUN with fitness. Let’s get you feeling PRESENT in your one life and HEALED in hard feeling areas so JOY and PEACE OF MIND can fully return!

  • Intuitive Eating is aaallll about learning to tune IN to your own innate body wisdom that is designed into you by God, that various voices (media, friends, family etc.) have taught you to unlearn and told you not to trust but ignore.

  • Intuitive Eating is polar opposite of what you do when dieting or when fixated on weight and intentionally tuning OUT your important body cues. Which is what our society conditions us to do from a very young age. So it makes sense why we have the mindsets and fears we do around food and weight gain. So many doing life around us have those fears and pass them onto us unfortunately.

Friend, your body is ON YOUR TEAM and through various body cues is simply trying to communicate with you, it's teammate, what it needs for you to feel and function best.

  • Diet Culture (a system of beliefs held and taught by the world) convinces you listening to an external voice is best (ex a creator of a diet book or workout program) for what to eat, how much, when to eat, how to move, when to rest etc. But Intuitive Eating (and the research backing it) shows listening and honouring your bodies cues creates lasting results in our health. Where the studies on dieting actually shows dieting does the opposite and creates unsustainable results and leaves you less healthy than before you started dieting.

    Are you team Intuitive Eating yet?!

  • The Intuitive Eating approach to health and wellness, created by two dietitians, with much research, studies and scientific evidence backing it, has literally CHANGED my life, marriage and essentially my entire quality of life ... and I believe it can help you too.

Take a moment and evaluate if ANY of the following descriptions resonate with you and where you are in your Food Story:

  • Do you have “food rules” you follow that leave you feeling restricted, miserable and deprived?

  • Do you have “exercise rules” of what a workout has to look like to “count?”

  • Do you feel out of control, the opposite of calm, around food?

  • Do you have feelings of guilt, shame and decreased worth because of food choices?

  • Do you find yourself stress eating or eating to cope with emotions?

  • Do your thoughts obsessively and negatively revolve around poor body image, food choices, exercise, or your weight?

  • Do you diet hard core, only to end up binging on all the things?

  • Do you scrutinize the image in the mirror or hate the number on the scale, thinking if only things changed you would finally be happy?

  • Do you over exercise and schedule your life around fitting in workouts, even if it means you are missing out on other important things like school work, rest, hobbies, faith, relationships, dreams etc.?

  • Do you want to exercise consistently but can’t find motivation or a routine that is enjoyable to make it stick?

  • Do you worry about eating healthy 100% of the time?

  • Do you fear weight gain, thinking it would be the very worst thing that could happen to you?

  • Do you have troubles with your relationship with loved ones, because of the way you are around food, fitness or your body?

  • Do you fear rest days from workouts?

  • Do you skip important things in life in order to avoid being served at gatherings?

Did any of those hit close to home? It’s okay if they did, friend. No judgment here. I’ve struggled with most of those things on that list myself in the past. It’s hard, isn’t it? So hard. But guess what? You don’t have to keep those struggles! Where the Spirit of the Lord is there IS freedom! Your relationship with your body, food, workouts, they CAN change.

With the Holy Spirit leading coaching calls after being invited in to do so, I have seen Food Freedom take place in many women’s lives and you will be no different. Promise. I think of God as my business partner and spend much time praying over our calls, to be sensitive to what He wants you to hear to experience freedom in your unique life.

Think of all the other habits and beliefs that you have changed in your life. If you were able to change in those areas, you can change in these areas too.

Sometimes all you need is an outside perspective, to help you see things in a different light. I know that’s what I needed and why I found hiring my own Intuitive Eating Coach in the past so beneficial.

Accountability was huge too, knowing someone would be gently asking me at our next session how implementing new habits and mindsets had gone. It made me more motivated to try, say, breaking a “food rule” I had been religiously following for years, knowing someone would be asking me about it.

Sometimes you just need someone to believe you are capable of change, and to keep reminding you of that, especially when you aren’t sure yourself you can do it.

But you can!

It was also so amazing to have someone who had personally been there once too themselves on their own Intuitive Eating journey, genuinely celebrating all my milestones with me and role modelling in their own life to me that freedom from these harmful habits and beliefs truly was attainable.

  • Sessions are 1 hour long and done virtually, using the phone platform on Skype.

  • There are different amounts of coaching session packages you can invest in, depending on your resources and needs, which we can discuss in our FREE 15 Minute Consult Call.

  • During the paid sessions, we go over Intuitive Eating principals and I create a customized program for you and your current struggles and your desired goals. Slowly, simply, and practically, I’ll coach you how to implement Intuitive Eating principals into your life, so you can finally start to experience that easy and enjoyable relationship with food you crave.

Some health coaches provide cookie cutter programs for clients but I believe that it’s best to create the content around an individual’s personal struggles, obstacles, and even their personality type. I believe the most lasting and impactful change occurs when we approach health coaching in that way.

  • Before each session, I research and plan out a loose outline for our session, so you get the most value out of our calls.

  • Our session may be an hour long, but I like to put in time before and after researching, trying my best to guide you to that place you want to be with food and fitness one day!

  • Sometimes we will follow my outline but sometimes we just need to go off script and follow the your unique struggles and needs that have come up since we last chatted and that is okay too! You get to help guide the sessions for whatever information you currently need. You get to pick the topic of each session! We also let the Holy Spirit lead the convo as He prompts it and it’s sooo neat hearing things come out of mouth that I have never thought of before! He gives words for those I coach and all praise goes to HIM if you are helped through my coaching! He is the ultimate Life Coach!

  • You can expect to receive shortly after each session an email from me with detailed recap notes of what we chatted about. It’s like you get to forever keep a written copy of our time together, to refer back to about all the key points discussed. All my coaching clients say they really appreciate these recap notes!

1:1 Coaching with Nyla

Interested and intrigued?

Feel free to message me on Instagram or better yet, book a FREE 15 Minute Consult Call. This is a zero pressure call and a safe place to ask me all your questions about possibly hiring me in the future.

My only regret was not booking an appointment sooner with the Intuitive Eating Coach I had.

My marriage, my mental health, my physical health and my joy level increased drastically because of finally making that call and booking a free consult with her.

When WE get healthy and balanced around food and fitness, so many OTHER areas experience a positive domino effect in our lives!

It’s hard to make that first call, but such a brave and wise thing to reach out for help! And SO worth it!

Rooting for you! You CAN do hard things with His borrowed strength! In Christ, we are anointed to do hard things! You got this!

- Xoxo Nyla


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