Any Relationship With Food, Body Image and Exercise CAN Change! Yes, Even Yours!

I help women heal their relationship with food, without dieting, obsession or restrictions, by teaching them to tune into their God given body cues and intuition.
I’d love to hop on the phone with you and find out what are you biggest struggles and desires when it comes to food, body image and fitness. To help you discover if maybe working together would be helpful in improving your relationship with food. 

Let’s do a zero obligation 60 minute call, on me.

These consult calls outlining my virtual coaching services also serve as a FREE Mini Coaching Session, to give you a sample of what working with me would be like. You don’t buy a sports bra or leggings without jumping around a bit in the dressing room, to see if the girls stay in place, so why would health coaching be any different?! 
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5 Signs Your Would Benefit From Hiring an Intuitive Eating Coach: 

It can be SO hard to know if you need help with your relationship with food, because of the world we live in. Often, disordered eating patterns around food and exercise are actually applauded by our society. Or, they way you act and think about food has become the norm to you. You might not even realize it’s not normal or healthy, since it’s all you know.

Everyone deserves help, friend. And it’s never too late to reach out for help.

It can take time to unlearn or unbelief things you have been practicing for years, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  Many people have ditched dieting mindsets and so can you.

Healing and change might not be a linear process all done at once. It will likely require time and effort and might require some steps forward, some steps backwards. Remember, slow is still a speed! You are still making progress towards you goals and desired life, even at a slow pace. 

Just remember the long-term picture goal: to keep trying, keep moving forward even after a step back. You can do this by remembering your WHY, the motivating factor you have for changing your chaotic relationship with food. The way you want life and your relationships to feel like, that food is currently keeping you from experiencing.

Here are six signs that your current relationship with food could use some help:

1.Your relationship with food (or exercise or body image) is causing harm to your relationships with loved ones and God

2. You have strict rules around food or workouts and feel anxious or guilty if you can't/don't follow them.

3. You have an intense fear of gaining weight

4. You struggle with body image

5. You struggle with frequent emotional eating that is
causing problems and is your main way of coping with life. 

6. Your thought life is filled and preoccupied with thoughts about what you ate or are going to eat or how you moved your body.

I did a session with a woman named Rachel, helping her work on her relationship with food. Here is what she had to say about our time together:

"I felt an abundance of appreciation after talking with Nyla. My hope is that if you are looking to make a positive shift in your health and redefine your relationship with food that you won't hesitate to spend time with Nyla. I had a breathe of relief and a burden lifted after our time together. 
I struggle with stress overpowering my appetite at times and I am grateful for her ... Since my session with Nyla I've of course had countless moments  when I felt guilt creep in for a food choice I had made but I can't emphasize enough, the impact she's had on me being able to recognize those feelings of guilt and  then be able to  let them go.   I felt empowered , understood, and encouraged walking away from our session.
Don't hesitate to schedule a session with her, she is an exceptional listener, super sweet and laid back. This will be one of your best investments of time with nutrient rich thoughts for the soul!"

  • Rachel

P.S. - Did you relate to any of the above above signs? If so, let’s chat. You don't have to keep living with these struggles. I have changed and you and I are the same species! You CAN change habits and mindsets too, friend. I know you can. I'm 200% certain. Let's go a free coaching call and get you equipped with some practical and customized tools to start using as soon as we hang up.


I'm Giving You Permission to...

Friend, you don’t need anyone to give your permission about this.
But sometimes it really does help to have someone else tell you it’s okay to pursue something.

I’ll be that person for you today.

I give you permission to get help.

“What if I’m not sick enough to get support?” I have heard some women say, thinking if they don’t weigh 500 pounds or 80 pounds due to eating struggles, that they don’t fit the bill for reaching out for help.

You don’t need to check off a bunch of boxes to qualify.

If you feel chaotic or confused around food, if you aren’t happy with your relationship with food, if you aren’t happy with how it’s effecting your life and relationships with others…. It’s okay to get help.

You are deserving of it.

You qualify for it.


Maybe you don’t have an eating disorder like I did, or a history with binges like I also once had.

Maybe you have never tracked calories or macros or purchased a diet book.

Maybe you have never been obsessed with a fitness tracker app or perfectly following a workout program schedule.

But have you felt any disorder and unhappiness with your food habits and mindsets?

If that answer is “yes” then it would be helpful to reach out.

If not to me, another professional.

A nutritionist.

A dietitian.

A counselor.

Someone who you trust,

Someone you feel comfortable around.

Someone you know personally has a good relationship with food and can give sound advice.

If you identity with being at war with your body and eating, that’s all the criteria you need as a sign to ask for help.

It is possible to find freedom from an unenjoyable relationship with food and fitness habits.

There is no shame in declaring you need help.

My story might not look like yours at the start (I have struggled with binge eating, anorexia and orthorexia and negative/frequent emotional eating) but the end of our story can be similar: freedom and joy, calmness around food.

Friend, what is staying the same costing you from experiencing in life? What are you missing out on? Or not enjoying to the fullest?

What is your “why” for wanting to change?

What would becoming different around food do for you? What would changing your ways allow back into your life or start to include for the first time?

Did it help? To have someone say “if it’s bothering you, hindering the life you desire, it’s worth talking about with someone?”

I love the quote, “if it matters to you, it matters to Him. Go talk to Him about it.” It’s true, God is okay with us bringing any size of matter to Him for help. He is a prayer away and understands exactly what it’s like to be you.

Isaiah 40:28 says "No one can fathom His understanding."

I love how this verse paints a picture in our minds that He is an expert in ALL areas, including food struggles, and can help us personally know how to change harmful habits and mindsets and learn Intuitive Eating. What a wonderful reminder that Someone can help us learn and implement hard things, because He already knows everything there is to know about Intuitive Eating.

I honestly think Adam and Eve ate intuitively! Diet Culture influence wasn't a thing back then. So how a baby eats, which is intuitively, is likely how Adam and Eve ate too!

All my love, Nyla

P.S.If you need someone to support you on your journey, I’ve guided other women through transformations and I’d love to talk to you. Book a Free 60 Minute Consult Call With Nyla & Free Mini Coaching Session

You qualify
for getting help if
you aren't happy with your quality of life

 If you need someone to support you on your food freedom and wellness without restriction journey  I’ve helped other women implement the oh-so-freeing Intuitive Eating principles in to their lives and can definitely help do the same for you.
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“Nyla is an incredibly sweet person. I didn’t know what to expect from a health coach going into the sessions but it has been such a good experience. She is so easy to talk to and is an unbelievable listener! I can absolutely see the benefit of the Intuitive Eating principles and have been trying to apply some of them to my life. Nyla is completely non judgemental and I felt totally safe telling her my thoughts and feelings on certain subjects. She also had a lot of very good advice and guidance that I can already see benefiting my life!”
- Ashley
"I truly enjoyed my coaching experience with Nyla.  With her deep diving questions, Nyla was able to have me look at areas in my life that I was struggling with in an entirely new perspective, which in-turn has helped me work through some of my mindsets that had been serving me no purpose. "
- Heather
“Nyla has been such an inspiration to me as she has used her talents and training in healthy living habits to coach me over the past while... she puts her heart and soul into each client to bring them to a healthier state of mind physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually...she approaches her coaching first from a philosophical perspective, but quickly and smoothly transitions to guiding her clients through a practical, everyday plan for healthy living. "
- Amy

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