Let me walk you through your first day of Intuitive Eating! It’ll be fuuuunnn!

I’ve created a free eBook called “Your Step by Step Guide for Your First Day of Intuitive Eating and Intuitive Exercise” to help you get inside the head of an Intuitive Eater.

With lots of simple questions to ask yourself, you can use this short eBook as a guide for taking Intuitive Eating for a spin, just like you would a car if you were considering investing in it.

Are you as excited as I am for you to give Intuitive Eating a test drive?!

Don’t like Intuitive Eating? You can always go back to dieting or restrictive and miserable food rules … but I have a hunch you’ll like this approach to heal a whole lot better. I know I sure did and I haven’t looked back since. What’s the harm in trying, right? It’s a free eBook. Nothing to lose but everything to gain in life by simply trying something new.


There is also a section on Intuitive Exercise and how to know what your body is asking for in terms of movement each day. I just KNOW you’ll find some helpful tid bits in this eBook.

PS- Remember, no matter what you eat today or how you move your body, your worth amount STAYS THE SAME.

You don’t have to perform certain actions to prove your worth each day when His act of love on the cross forever proved your worth.

Why? Because the One who created you stays the same and He gave you worth. Yup! You JUST HAVE immeasurable worth everyday, regardless if you ran or rested or ate candy or fruit, because He says so.


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