Any Relationship With Food, Body Image and Exercise CAN Change! Yes, Even Yours!

I help women heal their relationship with food, without dieting, obsession or restrictions, by teaching them to tune into their God given body cues and intuition.

Group Coaching
with Nyla

Christian Life Coaching done in a virtual group setting. Helping you get nourished spiritually to then enjoy freedom and breakthrough in other areas of your life that are feeling hard. 

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Check out what one of Nyla's Life Coaching Clients has to say about working with her: 
Have you wanted to do 1:1 coaching with Nyla but couldn't due to finances? Group coaching has all the benefits of that, but less of a financial investment. 
What is included if I join Nourish Group Coaching with Nyla? 
Some topics that will be taught on: 
Who is this group coaching for? 

The Lord led me to design a 6-week group coaching program, to teach 6 key spiritual disciplines from the Bible. Why? To help women become stronger Christians AND in doing so, find freedom from bondage in any life area. 
Does that sound like you at all?

Prayerfully consider if God would like you to become a member of NOURISH! 
How will I be changed by joining this group coaching program? 
When is this program being run?


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