Did You Know I Have Two Podcasts?

One is a weekly one, the other is a monthly one.

One is all about Intuitive Eating, the other is all about business.

Both center around doing life, whether your food choices or your career path, with God’s leading.

1 Corinthians 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

Weekly Podcast: The Intuitive Eating with Jesus Podcast

Monthly Podcast: Her Holy Hustle Business Podcast

New Intuitive Eating with Jesus Podcast Episodes Every Tuesday!

A podcast for Christian women interested in learning the skills of Intuitive Eating and Joyful Movement, from a Biblical perspective. You'll also learn Biblical body image tips!

Here We Talk About Intuitive Eating aaaaaannnd Jesus.

A Winning Combo!

Learn from a Certified Christian Health and Life Coach, who specializes in Intuitive Eating and body image improvement, how to swap miserable dieting and ridged food rules for the peace, joy and simplicity that God desires for you to experience when it comes to your relationship with food!

About my Weekly Podcast “The Intuitive Eating with Jesus Podcast”:

God put His wisdom in you to utilize when it comes to food and fitness choices and this podcast will help you tap into it!

New Episodes drop every Tuesday! Yay!

There are solo teaching episodes and interview style episodes with guests. Some topics you can expect are:

  • Is Sugar the Root of All Evil?

  • How to Live in Diet Culture But Not Be of it

  • What is Intuitive Eating and is God a Fan?

  • Prayers for Working Out

  • Can Your Body Become an Idol?

  • Use Your Words to Find Food Freedom

  • Diet Culture Infiltrates the Church

  • Looking at Scripture with an Intuitive Eating Lens

  • Jesus Thought Carbs Were the Bomb.com and Why You Should Too!

What Listeners are Saying:

Joy Wrapped up in Podcast Form

“Only a few episodes in so far, but I have learned and enjoyed Nyla’s messages so much! She has such a gift for encouraging and uplifting others while also sharing God’s truth and guidance. I would highly recommend this podcast!”

Bringing Jesus into Your Workouts

“Wow! Such a joy to listen to this podcast. I never thought about how I could use my workout to pray for others and think about my body that God has given me. I really appreciate Nyla’s approach to fitness and giving all the glory to God.”

Highly Recommend this Podcast!

“This podcast is so helpful and SO amazing! It’s incredibly healing and freeing listening to all the Nyla discuses. The way she communicates on her podcast keeps you so pulled in and how she is just uniquely herself is so awesome. I love that it feels like I’m in the same room with her as she teaches. I love that Christ is at the center of everything she talks about, hence the name of her podcast being ‘Intuitive Eating WITH Jesus Podcast’…… I LOVE this podcast and just can’t wait to keep to listening! My ears have been blessed!! Hallelujah! Thank you Nyla!”

Love her!

“I love Nyla’s sweet and honest nature. Her take on all things intuitive living is truly inspiring!”


“I love the way Nyla teaches about Intuitive Eating and brings a Biblical perspective into it! She makes the listener feels so comfortable. It feel like I’m sitting in the same room with her. This podcast was such a gift to me and definitely what I needed to hear for the longest time!”

About my Monthly Podcast “Her Holy Hustle”:

“Her Holy Hustle” is for female Christian entrepreneurs desiring to run their business peacefully, with God’s wisdom.

Not a business owner? That’s okay! Many non-business owner Christian women still say they have major “aha” moments when listening!

Tune in for tips about how to ditch rushing and stress, how to be Spirit led in decision making in life and business and so.much.more!

I bring on some fabulous guests and interview them about their area of expertise. Occasionally, I’ll pop on and do a short solo episode,too. Some topics covered so far:

  • Spirit Led Social Media Presence

  • Better Body Image For Entrepreneurs

  • The Beauty of Saying No

  • Being Kind and Bold on Instagram

  • How to Hear from God

  • Planning Sermons and Conferences with God

  • Working with Controversial Topics as a Christian

  • The Value of Rest

  • Nyla’s #1 Business Advice for Christians

  • Simplifying Morning Routines and Your Time with Jesus

New Episodes Every Month!

What Listeners are Saying:

Uplifting and Refreshing!

“Nyla’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion are contagious! Her podcast is so uplifting and refreshing; In a world focused on individual achievements, she gives all the glory to God. The peace she’s found through running her business with God is evident and inspiring”.

THE Podcast for Christian Entrepreneurs!

“Nyla is the real deal y’all. Her heart for Jesus overflows into every conversation she has, and she is so genuine and joyful. If you want to have someone in your earbuds talking business from a faith perspective, this podcast is definitely for you!”

More Reviews:

5/5 Stars is an Understatement

“I don’t even have the right words to express the joy in my heart I felt when listening to this podcast. Nyla’s energy and authenticity truly radiates as she speaks with so much grace and love for God. As a young woman myself, she is an amazing role model that speaks about business from a perspective that isn’t typically seen in mass media. She inspires me to follow my unique path led by God in all that I do. Being surrounded by such beautiful words allows me to not only feel inspired to follow my business journey, but want to ensure I make God the center of all that I do. I’m so excited for the next episode and this podcast is truly a must listen!”

You Are All So Kind!

Very Practical and Encouraging!

“Nyla shares her journey of entrepreneurship and how to set the tone of doing business with God’s guiding hand.”

Thankful for This Podcast!

“This was a powerful episode number one! I feel like I really got to know Nyla and her heart for women to thrive. There were so many amazing concepts packed into 29 minutes - thanks for sharing your own genuine journey and inviting the world to join you on your journey, Nyla!”

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