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I’m thrilled you are interested in working together!

1:1 coaching is the perfect fit for those who have struggled to make peace with food on their own. Think of it as a gift your current self can gift your future self with. The future you will be so grateful you put in the work today, so her life is more JOYFUL!

Coaching is a way to say YES to Food Freedom, positive body image and learning how to do fitness in a fun but still effective way, that compliments how your body feels each day.

I help women heal their relationship with food, fitness and body image, without dieting, obsession or restriction but instead teach them to tune into their God given body cues. Once food and body image doesn’t feel so hard, you are freed up to focus on and enjoy your personal God Assignments in life! No more of those pesky distractions!

Friend, I’ve been there. My hand hovering over the email send button. “Should I book the coaching session? Maybe it’s not that bad actually? Maybe I can just keep trying to fix things on my own?”

I know it’s scary to try new things. But hard things are worth the freedom on the other side of doing them, like getting to finally experience the LIGHT and PEACEFUL life we have been dreaming of for so long.

I prayerfully design all my coaching calls with God, often going on prayer walks to discuss with Him what He wants me to teach each client, to help them with their individual struggles when it comes to food, workouts or body image. I’ve help many other women finally be able to use the adjectives they want to when describing their relationship with food and God can help me do the same with you!

The sooner we reach out for help, the sooner we can start feeling better.

My only regret is that I wouldn’t have waited so long to work with my own Intuitive Eating Coach! God used her to bring back JOY into food, my marriage, my workouts and so many other areas!

Are you ready to kick food stress to the curb and shut up the inner mean girl?

To leave body image insecurities high and dry, so you can give energy and attention to the most important things in life?
Great, I'd love to help!

My Services:

  • Virtual 1:1 Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coaching sessions & 1:1 Christian Life Coaching sessions

Intuitive Eating & Body Image Coaching Topics:

1. Late stage eating disorder recovery
2. Orthorexia recovery (an obsession with healthy living)
3. Overcoming negative emotional eating, stress eating, and overeating
4. Improving poor body image
5. Eliminating negative self talk
6. Removing food rules and food fears
7. Ditching guilt and shame around food choices
8. Teaching the 10 Intuitive Eating principles and how to practically apply them to your unique life
9. Creating regular, flexible, sustainable and joyful exercise habits
10. Meal planning tips for busy women

Christian Life Coaching Topics:

1. Self care
2. Boundaries with loved ones
3. Healthy relationships and friendship
4. Learning your personality using the enneagram
5. Self confidence
6. Making Bible reading a habit
7. People pleasing
8. Living a fear and anxiety free life
9. Comparison
10. Perfectionism and MORE!

Intuitive Eating short definition: the opposite of a diet.

There were no Keto cookbooks or Weight Watcher meetings to attend in the Garden of Eden. I believe that Adam and Eve were Intuitive Eaters! Simply asking God for food wisdom and utilizing the body cue wisdom God had designed into them.

Friend, watch a baby. They are Intuitive Eaters! They don’t stress about a time on the clock for when to eat. They just know in their little “knowers” when it’s time to eat and how much. And when to rest and when their body needs to play!

You were born an Intuitive Eater too. And even if listening to body cues sounds CRAZY TOWN right now and oh-so-complicated, you can always relearn the skills! I’d love to help you learn to honour your body cues once again as you did as a child, before it was taught out of you by our Diet Culture-y society.

Read the popular book

You can read the original Intuitive Eating book … but there is nothing like having a personal coach to ask your questions to, to help you implement the 10 guiding principles of Intuitive Eating into your unique life! I read the book but saw accelerated process in mindset shifts around food once I worked 1:1 with my own coach.


Please keep in mind the following are NOT hourly fees and it's best to not think of them that way when viewing the price.

As your Intuitive Eating Coach, Body Image Coach or Christian Life Coach, in order to create a quality and results driven customized plan for you, I will be spending time before and after sessions researching and planning for our upcoming sessions. I will also be spending time writing up recap notes of our sessions, so you forever have a written copy of our time together to refer back to and certain packages include having 24/7 access to me by text or email for support, encouragement and check ins between sessions.

Coaching Packages:


This free consult call allows us to get on the same page about your Food Story, where you are with things and where you wish to be. We discuss your goals in potentially working together, the structure of each coaching session, and I prove to that you really can change the way you are with food. Inspiration and hope is the point of this call in my books! This call allows you to ask me any questions you have about Intuitive Eating or my coaching services.

It includes:

  • 15 minute consult call, over the phone

$300 CAD

This package is required to purchase first in order to be eligible to purchase single follow up sessions later. You only need to do the 3 session package once. You do not need to purchase this package if you are investing upfront in the 12 session package (see below).

Why are three sessions mandatory initially? Three hours together allows us to get to know each other and allows me to better create a customized plan to reach your wellness goals. More time allows us to dig deep and make progress, taking into account your history with eating, exercise, your personality, your preferences, your current season of life, obstacles and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living your best life, the root cause of body image issues and many other variables.

This package is designed to provide you with a rounded tune-up for when you need to touch base with an Intuitive Eating Coach & receive one on one support.

It includes:

  • Three 60 minute bi-weekly coaching sessions, over the phone.

  • Detailed recap notes of each hour long session

  • Resources such as workbooks and worksheets to do between sessions

  • 2/4 7 access to email support and encouragement between sessions (if you need advice or encouraging)

  • Checks in from me about how you are doing between our scheduled sessions

  • Makes you eligible for single sessions purchases any time in life

(available for purchase anytime after someone has purchased a 3 session package)

$90 CAD

During these 60 minute follow up sessions we will develop a detailed action plan for you to meet your new goals as well as discuss your challenges and wins since we last met. I'll give you teaching & resources to help meet your needs, and together, we'll tackle barriers you are encountering and adjust goals.

It includes:

  • One 60 minute coaching session, over the phone,

  • Detailed recap notes of our session

This package is designed to provide you a deeper level of support and accountability with consistent bi-weekly coaching. It’s for those who are serious about starting and continuing a long term healing journey with body image and food struggles.

It includes:

  • This package includes the mandatory 3 sessions package

  • Twelve bi-weekly 60 minute coaching phone sessions

  • Detailed recap notes of each hour long session

  • Resources such as workbooks and worksheets to do between sessions.

  • 2/4 7 access to email support and encouragement between sessions (if you need advice or encouraging)

  • Checks in from me about how you are doing between our scheduled sessions

  • Makes you eligible for single sessions purchases any time in life

*Purchasing this package upfront provides $110 savings compared to purchasing the three mandatory initial session package and then nine single follow up sessions.
*Payment plans available upon request for 12 session package only.

Upgrades & Discounts:

At anytime you can upgrade to the 12 session package, and simply pay the difference.

Ex. if you purchased the 3 session package ($300) and later one follow up session ($90) then decided you wanted to actually purchase the 12 session package, you would just need to pay the difference ($610) and you will still get the $110 savings that purchasing the 12 session package upfront gives you.

If you complete 12 sessions with me, follow up sessions will then become $80 and the 12 session package will then be $900 for you.


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