Food Freedom Testimonies

What these women have experienced, you can claim for you too!

Revelation 19:10 “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

Be encouraged, not envious, when you read these women’s testimonies.

God does not play favorites, He loves all His kids the same and would love to walk you down the path of healing too.

When you hear a testimony of Jesus working in someone’s life, you can view it as a prophetic word over YOUR life too! Revelation in the Bible tells us the testimony of Jesus releases a Spirit of Prophecy over situations. You can claim shared testimonies by faith for YOU! Say, “I claim that better body image and Food Freedom for me too! In Jesus’ name!”

I pray your faith is strengthened through being exposed to these women as they testify. And that after reading, you then have stronger faith to believe your own struggles with a disordered relationship with food and poor body image can go for good too! No matter how long they have been a part of you life, they can GO, in Jesus’ name!

Client Testimonies:

“I highly recommend Nyla. If you have any food, health or life issues then give her a call! Your life will begin to change.

She is beyond amazing and works extremely hard to help you. She has helped me in every area of my life. I have become healthier in my relationship with food and caring for myself with the skills she has given me.

Working with her has changed every area of my life for the better. My husband and my family have benefited greatly from the healthier me! I learned I matter and deserve Self Care and I learned how to listen to my body cues. I no longer fear or avoid certain foods I use to and no longer follow diet rules I use to for many years. I’m a good eating example now to the young people around me. I loved learning about Intuitive Movement too! Even my neighbors have noticed that I am able to walk more! Medical issues I’ve had are gone too!

I feel like the sky is the limit for me and I am able to have my life again back after working with Nyla. Honestly, you can’t put a price on that.

Thank you so much for being obedient to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to guide our calls and work through you. I am forever grateful Jesus used you to answer my prayers.” -Cindy

“My relationship with running wouldn’t be as healthy as it is now had I not worked with Nyla. My mindset has changed. I allow myself to take rest days now.”

And I am so blessed to have you as my coach, Nyla. I love the small steps you inculde at the end of our session recap notes you email. I can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate the recap notes! The Holy Spirit is without doubt moving through our coaching phone calls to speak truth to my ears that I need to hear about food, working out and body image. I’m learning so much from you and I’m just beyond graceful. I’m so happy to hear such freeing truth from you about food that God leads you to teach me. It’s soooo freeing and I’m really starting to believe what’s actually true versus what Diet Culture and the world has said to me for so long about bodies and food. You are impacting my life every single day. What you have taught me will continue to stick with me for life.” - Ashton

“Through my time with Nyla, I have loved seeing how much she relies on seeking the Holy Spirit for guidance in what to say or how to help me. I have seen it many times where something she felt led to share with me was exactly what I needed to hear. Through my time with her, I have found freedom when it comes to diet mentality and food. I no longer keep binging, eating in a "last supper" sort of way or guilting and shaming myself over things. She has helped open my eyes and mindset to know how to handle different situations, emotions, and more when it comes to food and health! I am beyond grateful for her as she has completely changed the way I view things now with food. A practical thing I love is she sends recap notes (very detailed) after every session, which is so great to review and remember!”


“Nyla has been such a great coach to me. She has the sweetest heart and cares so much for each of her clients. She helped me in a way that I haven’t been helped in awhile. I really needed a wake up call and Nyla was there to help me change my mindset differently when it comes to food, body image and Diet Culture. She knows what she is talking about and how to help me with what I need focused on with my own eating recovery journey. I really recommend her to anyone. She is truly so great!” - Ella

“Hearing that my now body deserves to feel good in clothes was so helpful in feeling better about body image. After our call about improving body image, I went out and bought some comfy clothes for my current body shape. I was so excited for our calls! Working with Nyla has been a turning point for me. It’s so interesting to see the mental changes for food, body image, exercise and meal planning!”” - Kayla

“I’m not afraid of pasta anymore!” - Carrie

“I’m actually looking forward to going to the beach this summer, to use some of your body image improving techniques.” - Lori

“Nyla’s coaching program has been an extremely valuable tool for helping me to achieve and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle in an exciting new way. She incorporates many different tips and ticks that are customized towards each clients needs without using society’s typical diet mentality approaching. Every session is filled with empathy and compassion as you dig deeper to discover the root cause of any issue they you may have. She gently redirected my thinking process to help me heal my relationship with food and I learned to love and appreciate my body exactly as it is, as it serves me right now in this moment. She is so refreshing to work with!” - Sam

“You have taught me to view my hard to love body parts with more grace and love!”- Kait

“Even with being in a stressful season with little kids, Nyla has helped me eliminate emotional eating! I’m so impressed!” - Amber

“Nyla is a sweet heart and an enthusiastic coach! I have leaned so much about finding joy and freedom with food from her. Intuitive Eating is benefiting my life. Definitely recommend reaching out!.” - Ashley


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