Virtual Assistant Services

for Faith Based Business Women

Are you currently a one woman Christian entrepreneur show?

Is it a tad stressful? Maybe more than a tad?

Virtual Assistant Reviews:

“Nyla is a joy to work with! She is a creative initiator and actively works to make everything she puts her hands to better. Nyla is passionate about learning and seeks feedback to make modifications along the way. Nyla is prompt, communicates with clarity and wants to help people share their message with the world! She went above and beyond and her references didn’t prepare me for how wonderful it would be to work with her. ” - Kaitlyn Cey

“I notice Nyla’s effort, timeliness, creativity, excitement and consistency. All of it is so appreciated. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to bring on Nyla! The freedom it gives me to have her help is invaluable. I have thoughts like, ‘This is so good. This is so helpful! I love having Nyla’s help!” - Paige Schmidt

“Wow! Not only do I love and appreciate Nyla’s servant and cheerful attitude, but she is genuinely good at what she does! Working with Nyla has been the best way to take my five-year-old podcast to the next level. I highly recommend any of her VA services; I’m only sad not to keep her great help all to myself!” - Amy Wicks

If you could, what business task would you just LOVE to get off your plate?

Using the skills I learned to grow my own online coaching business, I help other female Christians in business to enjoy running their own businesses MORE, by doing LESS themselves.

I love to support fellow Christians by managing the behind the scenes of their business, so they can have more time and energy to do the parts of their business they love!

When I first started my coaching business, I quickly realized I had to wear aaaalll the hats. Even the ones I didn’t like and wasn’t particularly good at, at the time. As a solo-entrepreneur, I had to be my own social media management team, marketing team, website designer, book editor, graphic designer, copywriter, podcast editor, event planner, accountant AND provide the actual coaching services to my 1:1 clients, which was the part I enjoyed the most.

Whew! Just writing that list out is overwhelming! I bet you have a similar list though.

Delegation is a beautiful word, friends!

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with all your business to-dos?

  • Do you wish you could spend more time doing the aspects of your business you find the most joyful and fulfilling and leave the other parts up to someone else to take care of for you?

Yes? Then keep reading!

What adjective would you use to describe the way running your business currently leaves you feeling? Scattered? Busy? Resentful? Exhausted? Distracted?

What adjected would you like to be able to use when describing how running your business leaves you feeling? Calm? Peaceful? Joyful? Balanced? Present?

I can help you swap out the undesired adjective for the desired one! Promise!

I SO enjoy making the entrepreneur life for other Christians full of JOY!

Virtual Assistant Services I Offer (though this list is not an exhausted list by any means)

  • Basic copywriting on websites, emails and social media posts

  • Basic podcast editing

  • Basic website design/backend work

  • Email automation set up

  • Client or podcast guest email communication

  • Social media creation and scheduling

  • Podcast initial set up and weekly publishing

  • Graphic design images for social media

  • Event planning, such as book launches, retreats etc.

  • Marketing and branding help

  • Analytic gathering

  • Editing books, posts, blogs, workbooks etc.

  • Email and blog ghost writing

  • DMs and comment monitoring

  • Story creation on IG

  • Creation of workbooks, pamphlets, business cards etc.

How my VA Services Work:

  1. You email or DM me and let me know you are interested in possibly hiring me as your VA.

  2. We chat via phone or voice message about your business and see if we are a good fit (I work primarily with female Christian business owners, so our values and mission in life align, making me as passionate as you are to see your business thrive for God’s glory!).

  3. If we are a good fit, values and personality wise, you decide how many hours a week you would like me to work for you. I ask that clients commit to at least one month of VA services.

  4. Each week, you send me the tasks you’d like me to do (they can be reoccurring weekly tasks too!).

  5. At the end of the month, I invoice you the worked hours I did for your business. I will never go above the assigned hours but I may be under as I’m a hard core Enneagram 3 who is ambitious! You are only charged for the hours I worked! Even if they are below what you assigned me. Makes sense? Hope so!

    Any questions? Shoot me an email!

    I’d love to chat :)

    *Email me for prices.

    Hint Hint, I’m VERY affordable!

Happy VA Clients:

“Nyla, you are so worth every single penny! Honestly, a God-send and I’m so grateful!”

- Virtual Assistant Client Review

“Nyla is an awesome Virtual Assistant. She has changed the game for me when it comes to being more excited about my podcast. I can’t even explain how life giving it’s been having her on my team, she is so incredible. Since Nyla is a podcaster herself, she has ton of experience herself in this area and was able to step in to help me out and it’s brought a lot of my passion back into podcasting as it was getting to be alot doing it all on my own!”

- Virtual Assistant Client Review

“As someone in a leadership role who has to make countless decisions in a day, it’s so nice to have Nyla tell me what to do and help with decision fatigue!”

- Virtual Assistant Client Review

A shared love and mission for Jesus makes a difference when hiring a VA.

It makes for a kind and joyful working partnership when we both love the Lord and have the same passionate mission to share the Gospel and His love with the world! You can bet I’ll regularly be praying for your business and asking God to help me be Spirit led in anything I do on behalf of your business.

Prayerfully consider if God would have you reach out to me!

Ephesians 4:9-10 “Two are better than one for they have good return for their labor together.”

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